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Large Shipment of Bench-Made Dining Tables Arrives

The Whimsey Shoppes have long been famous for the dining tables they offer. Our excellent selection of French antique dining tables has just been joined by an outstanding shipment of bench-made, artisan dining tables to give our customers the most incredible selection of tables ever. These sophisticated, elegant, but rustic, thick top tables are so beautiful. There is no doubt that they will delight you and offer an outstanding resource for you or for your clients

Call for size and prices. And, of course, the best way to experience antiques, is with a visit. We would love to see you in the galleries.

Discovering the Pleasures of Elegant, Casual and Cozy French Country Interiors at The Whimsey Shoppes.

French country interiors provide that rare combination of elegance with a certain casualness and a great coziness. It is the perfect combination for the way we live today. Traditional. Yes. But with a relaxed, creative point of view. Definitely not stuffy!

This website shows the merchandise of The Whimsey Shoppes in Dallas. However, things sell rather fast at the stores so if you see something which catches your eye on the website, call that location to be sure that it is still available. Also, you can get the measurements and the price with that phone call.

Antiques are best experienced with a visit. Be sure to see both locations because there are no two antiques exactly alike.

We ship all across the United Sates and we can help you get bids for shipping and delivery when you purchase.

Enjoy the website stroll through the galleries. The Whimsey Shoppes welcome you here on this website, and, of course, in the stores as well.

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